The Tavern Thoughts.

The word Tavern has fallen out of use mostly. Taverns, however, were common in England back in the sixteenth century. They were places where travelers could lodge for the night, eat food and drink liquor. Often they consumed the illicit whiskey fermented in the country side without licenses. Under the  influence moon and moonshine, Tavern was a place where strangers would interact.

In these interactions, along with the trivia, ideas where exchanged. Opinions about politics where sought and argued upon. Plays and poetry were discussed. Thus, the Taverns were more than place to stay, they were platforms for strangers from across the country to sit and interact. I too, see my blog as platform for expressing my views on various topics. I intend to make my blog a platform for strangers to meet and interact. Most of all my blog is an expression of My Self, of what i think and feel, and of what i have observed. Lastly, i write this blog, with the hope that my words might leave mark on a fellow human being, as so many writers have left on mine.





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