Posted by: thetavernthoughts | January 12, 2012

The Boon of Mortality


It was the year 1600, and I was merely 25, I have been 25 since. Most of you read history, I have lived history. I have seen the wheel of time and fortune turn.  What is my name you ask? I go by many names. My friends in 17th century called me lestart, Isaac in 18th, Wolfgang in 19th, Jean in the 20th, Fredrick for you people in 21st.

I have witnessed it all, the pilgrims leaving for the new world, Her majesty founding the East India Company.  I have seen plague, famine, drought and war. I have seen humanity wreak havoc, in the name of nationality, religion, or plain commercial interest. An observation that helped me come to terms with my own blood thirst. In 1880, just before I went to sleep, I met a young man named Bram Stoker, who iconized us in his immortal work, Dracula. I made it my business to meet many Writers and artists, they were the only ones who could exhibit empathy in truest sense of the word. They would often see my world, through my eyes. They could sense my feeling of power, and they could see my pain. Pain of immortality. For immortality is a fate worse than death.

Yes, of our many ‘gifts’ immortality and youth are the most priced ones. Most of the current literature on us is inspired by it. Perhaps the world moving to its fated end 2012 was unconsciously hoping for it. We all knew it was coming, if not in 2012, then someday soon. Too many trees had been cut, too much toxic waste had been pumped into the eco system. If not that, there was the fear of nuclear war. They say we have enough nuclear bombs to destroy every living form on earth 21 times over. Perhaps, it was this kind of power, lust for more of it that made us more acceptable in the society. I remember, sleeping in 1881, and walking up due to noise in 1914. I haven’t slept since. The unimaginable blood bath that followed left me dumbfolded. What had humanity come to? They call you the cancer of the earth. You had to go. Now that everyone knows the date, it’s a pity to see how you have reacted.

There are those who have become zealous about religion, as if banging your head on shrines could change your fate. Worship, done out of fear, is no worship. Some have shed all traces of morality and are indulging in a sensory debauchery, unprecedented. Denial, however, reins supreme. Most of you try to go about your daily routines as if nothing is going to happen. They comfort you, help you escape the blatant reality facing you. They allow you for a moment to ignore the impending death. I find this hilarious.

Death, was assured with your first breathe. It was you fate, to be either worm food, or ash. Dust unto dost, ashes unto ashes. These words carry the most important teaching that a human being could ever learn. While the entire race is obsessed with immortality, take it from us who have lived it, there could be no worse fate.

I remember when I first was born in to the undead. The idea that I shall be 25 for ever fascinated me. I was 25 in 1600, and I was 25 in 1700. Yet, I had changed. The endless oceans of time seem to make every act dull. Love making had no passion, I would seduce endless women, for their blood. I could easily make love to them. It just did not inspire me anymore. The seasons lost their importance, time lost its essence. I had thought that I shall spend centauries perfecting my arts. The colours of the world, however, would not inspire me, the words had no depth, and the music had no melody. The senses were heightened by my transformation, and yet, their essence was killed by my immortality. I have seen death all around me, hell; I have to kill to live. I was fascinated by it. It is through the dead that living gets their definition. It is temporal nature of youth that makes it so passionate, it is the frailty of old age that makes it so wise and compassionate.

While most you reading this, live in the fear of the end. I for one have yearned for it. It has made the colours vivid again, my hearts beats to the rhythm of music, and it lyrics shake my soul. It is the thought of impeding death that forces me to write this. My sudden mortality has inspired me to write this, so that I can reach out, once again. This doomsday has made us all on earth, brethren. It is surprising, how all the guns have fallen silent. In Kashmir, Palestine, Chechnya, Sudan. All conflicts now seem silly, I have witnessed a true miracle, now, entire humanity uniting as one society. A miracle, indeed, after centuries of unending conflicts.

To the ordinary individual reading this only work of mine, I would like to say, that I dedicate it to death. Death, that which defines the living. Death that makes us alive. Death, which is eternal peace. Do not fear it, it was assured to you, when you were born. Destruction is one of the many laws of nature. Your creation, sustenance, and destruction, are all a part of nature’s many laws. It is destruction that assures creation possible.

I have lived through centauries, and, I am here to offer the only wisdom that I have gained. Death alone ensures inspiration and action. The only way to conquer it is to embrace it. Understand its inevitability, for if this simple fact of life is accepted, every moment of life is filled with unimaginable liveliness. No words of philosophy have ever been truer than Karpe Diem, seize the day.

Vampire Fredrick


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