Posted by: thetavernthoughts | March 22, 2011



She could hear the chirping of the birds out of the window. She looked outside with a hint of fear on her face and adjusted her uniform unconsciously. The dials of the ECG continued to tick on. The blood pressure was almost normal. An old man lay on bed breathing through the Oxygen mask in grasps. He eyes were fixed on the sign on the wall and he held a paper in his hand. The nurse looked at him and followed his gaze. Lights out at ten’o clock the sign said. She looked out of the window at twilight once again. She fidgeted with her arms continuously now. She turned again towards the patient and looked at what was in his hand. On the small sheet of paper he had written his will and initialled it below. She could read line on the paper that said 600000 are given as a gift to Sister D’souza for serving him so well. She closes her eye in pain. The old man looks at her, and the name plate near her shoulder blade informing anyone who cared that her name was rosy D’souza. She looks at her watch and walks to the bed side takes out the usual assortment of medicines. The old man stares at her she avoid his gaze, and keeps herself busy arranging the medicines at the bedside. He keeps staring as she prepares an injection and injects the contents in the saline bottle that keeps dripping. She then notices that the saline is almost empty and she pulls out another bottle and keeps it ready on the bedside. Beside the bottle is her mobile phone whose dial is shining. It says, ‘hubby’, She walks towards the window away from the patient. She looks at him sideways, he still staring at her. She closes her eyes and nods. She keeps the mobile back at its original place. She begins to walk towards a small chair beside the bed. Private Nurse the chair announces. She sits on it, she is close enough now and the old man moves his arm with lot of effort and places it on the nurse’s hand. She gives him a fake smile and closes her eyes.

She opens her eyes, the birds have stopped chirping, you could hear the cricket at a distance though. She closes the window as its cold. She observes the glass door of the room, lights in the corridor have been dimmed. It is lights off time. She kneels down, pulls the cross from her neck and begins to clutch it and pray. She then silently gets up switches of the light. The Old man is fast asleep. She pulls out the ECG sensor on his wrist and puts it on her own. The BP on the dial jumps from low to high, but nothing alarming hence the machine is silent. She then pulls out the life supports one by one. The Old man’s eyes are still closed his body begins to convulse though. After some time the body stops convulsing. The Nurse now extremely calm begins to rejoin the all the supports again. As she moves to attach the ECG, the nurse notices a small note in hands of the old man. She pulls it out and reads it. Mercy Drops from heaven………………it was a quote from Shakespeare’s merchant of Venice. Below it is a small thank you. She wipes the tears in her eyes and gently kisses the old man on the forehead as the ECG dial begins to show a straight line and begins to scream.



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