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(This story is written in the present tense, as it was also meant to be a script for a 4 mins silent movie.)

The door of the flat opened, and Rahul Sharma entered the living Room. He kept standing near the door, feeling the wall in the darkness. He finds the light switch and switches it on. The room lights up, and Rahul remains standing observing all the mess in the room, slowly his eyes adjust to the bright light. Couple of large medical books are on the coffee table. Besides them is a coffee mug, it has black dried coffee marks on it. News paper is lying on the floor, some pages of it are lying in the corner of the room. They are fluttering due to the wind is blowing in through the open window. Television is still on, its on mute Rahul observes. He walks to the tv and switches it Off. He then Opens the drawer besides the TV. He takes out neatly wrapped packet from his waist, hidden underneath his shirt. He begins to Unfold it. It’s a 9mm Pistol with a small silencer. He keeps it neatly in the drawer. He then turns around looks at Varun who had fallen asleep on the couch. He then walks towards open window.

As walks towards the window he looks at the large family portrait that is hanging on the wall beside the window, He and Varun along with their Parents. Besides the family Potrait are two smaller Photos of his mom and Dad. They both have fresh garlands hanging on them. He then looks at Varun, lying gently asleep. He notices a green legal document sort off hidden from his immediate view, below the pillow. He pulls it out. An arm chair is right beside the open window. Rahul goes and sits on it. He lights a cigarette looks at the legal document for a while. It is his parent’s will entrusting all their property to Varun. He takes a long drag and throws the will  towards the coffee table. He doesn’t care when it does not reach the table and instead falls on the ground. He continues to smoke looking outside the window, the strewn news papers continue to flutter. He takes long drags. Before long his cigarette gets over so he throws it out of the window. He then walks towards a drawer on a wall unit opposite the couch the couch below the wall with portraits. He opens  the centre drawer and takes out family photos. He picks them all up and sits with them on the arm chair. He slowly goes through them.

A single tear falls from the corner of his eye, as he glances in between at varun. He sighs deeply walks to wards the television and takes out the gun he had kept inside. He puts on the safety latch and then slowly moves on to dismantle it. He puts the pieces of the gun inside the drawer and walks back to the arm chair and continues to browse through the Photos. He then pulls out a small plastic pouch with white powder in it. He looks at it longingly before throwing it out of the window in disgust. He then leans back on the chair and closes his eyes and falls asleep.

Rahul is suddenly woken up by a noise. He opens his eyes and notices Varun walk towards him with a cup of coffee. They smile at each other. Rahul takes the cup from him and raises it as if to say cheers. He then sips on the coffee, his face contorts due to the bitter black coffee. He sips it slowly, he looks extremely peaceful. He then gets up to keep the cup on the coffee table, but he suddenly losses balance.

He falls back into the arm chair, the cup falls from his hand. His body starts convulsing, froth is visible on his mouth and it slowly drips on his shirt. Rahul looks at Varun who is sitting there calming lighting a cigarette.



  1. The story has no soul

  2. when all the property has gone to varun why he killed rahul ?????????

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